Office, before and after

Desk, before.

Desk, before.


Desk, after!


One of my favorite things about moving into a new house was getting my own office. I was so excited to have my own space to write and the freedom to do whatever I wanted with it. Since the room is small and it wasn’t in our budget to buy new furniture, I decided to see what I could do with a bit of white paint and the desk I have had since I was a kid. The furniture I had for my office didn’t match, so I thought whitewashing it would make the room look a lot more streamlined.

The project was pretty straightforward, and quite easy. I picked up a primer and white paint at a hardware store and cranked up some music while I worked. After two coats of primer and two coats of paint, all I had to do was wait.

I wanted my office to be simple and uncluttered, but still have enough personal details for it to feel like me. I upholstered an old stool to provide a seat in front of the window, which looks out onto our backyard. I made space in a corner to set my easel for when I want to paint.

The project didn’t take very much time (or money), but the impact went a long way. It just goes to show how a couple of small changes can make a huge difference! And now that I’m content with my work space, I’m happily seated at my new (old) desk, ready to write lots of words. Even though I can (and do) write everywhere when the occasion calls for it, it feels great to have a space to call my own now.




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